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Linda L. Chappel

Fine Art inspired from symbols & mythology across time from various cultures...

Artist's Statement

Our intrinsic and complicated connections to the wider community of animals and to the landscape are the center of my artwork. I am interested in the persistence and interplay of visual symbols and myths from various cultures and across time. As part of this investigation, the work often combines images from the lexicon of art history with direct observations of nature. Using encaustic, oil, and collage allows me to leave traces of my physical interaction with the art. The layering of images records my understanding of these connections and is one way to contemplate the importance of the relationship to the earth in contemporary society.


Linda Chappel’s formal studies in art began at the University of Madison, Wisconsin where she was fortunate to study in the sculpture department with Dan Reitz, George Cramer, and Truman Lowe.  She graduated from Madison with a bachelor degree in the Fine Arts in 1986. After graduation, she worked in various fields and as a fine artist in Santa Fe and Seattle and showed in a number of galleries, including the OK Hotel and FLN in Seattle.  In 1992 Linda decided to further her studies and came to the University of Arizona at Tucson for a Graduate degree in Art History and was awarded a Master’s Degree in Art History, specializing in Mexican Art History. She is currently a full-time instructor at Tohono O'odham Community College and shows her work throughout the Southwest.


  • Interview in VoyagePhoenix Magazine. May 15, 2018.


  • Off The Wall, issue #1 and #2, 1991-92, an award for local literary publication, Bumbershoot Festival Opinion Rag, Winter 1998
  • Possessed, 1988-1989, issues #1-#4

Academic Positions

  • 2016-present  Faculty & Instructor, Tohono O'odham Community College
  • 2007-2016   Lead Instructor, Foundation Arts, Art Institute of Tucson
  • 2001-2007   Instructor of Art and Art History, Tucson Design College  
  • 1997-2000   Instructor of Art and Art History, Art Center Design College, Tucson, Arizona


  • Curatorial experience: Curator,  The Art Institute of Tucson Gallery,  2009-2015
  • SAZWAX (Southern Arizona Wax)  artist member

Linda L. Chappel