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Linda L. Chappel

"I see art as one way to understand the relationship between humans and the earth. Our intrinsic and complicated connections to the wider community of animals and to the land are my primary focus. The layering symbols records my understanding of these connections. I am also interested in the persistence and interplay of visual symbols from various cultures and across time. The use of expressive line and color draws the attention to the importance of the physical and tactile nature of creating art. Symbolic use of colors, shapes and animal forms dominate my image construction. Using encaustics, oil and collage allow me to layer ideas through physically layering images. The physical presence of the art is an important part of the process and each of these materials allows me to leave traces of my physical interaction with the art." (From VoyagePhoenix Magazine Interview with Linda Chappel, May 15, 2018)

"I think I could turn and live awhile with the animals ...They bring me tokens of myself." 

-- Walt Whitman